You are facing Error 403 because of one of the following Reasons
1.Region blockade
2.Hacking attempt which threats our security
3.Error with your caches
4.You are using proxy/vpn
5.Server is down or under maintenance
6.Server side error since we keep our server updating there might be some human that
require some attention to be noticed!

If you aren't sure what you are facing then one of previous reasons was the cause of your
problems so try the following solutions
For each previous cause there is a possible solution that may work out for you if you want
try any!

1.Provide the country you live in and that you want to allow it on our site, contact us on
2.Send a report message to staff on our mail server that was mentioned before if you have
been accused wrongly as a hacker
3.Try to clean history with option "at the beginning of time" then reload the page
4.Don't use any shady 3rd party software
like wireshark or httrack etc. . . that includes ip hacking or vpn mask which isn't allowed
on our server so make sure to use static ip as well since you can get login only with pure
static ip on our gaming browser however the main site is a different story!
5.Wait above 24 hrs if took more than 24-48hrs then you know we are preparing a major
update or in recovery motion

We have already users that can go to our webserver so don't think you are an exception

This error page may be updated again so stay tuned!